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1 remove or force out from a position; "The dentist dislodged the piece of food that had been stuck under my gums"; "He finally could free the legs of the earthquake victim who was buried in the rubble" [syn: free] [ant: lodge]
2 change place or direction; "Shift one's position" [syn: shift, reposition]
3 remove or force from a position of dwelling previously occupied; "The new employee dislodged her by moving into her office space" [syn: displace, bump]

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  1. To remove or force out from a position or dwelling previously occupied.
  2. To move or go from a dwelling or former position.

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

break loose, break out, buck off, carry away, carry off, cart away, clear, cut loose, delocalize, depose, deracinate, disembarrass, disembroil, disengage, disentangle, disinvolve, dismount, displace, dispossess, evict, extricate, free, get out, lay aside, manhandle, move, oust, put aside, put out, release, relocate, remove, root out, root up, send, set aside, shift, shunt, side, take away, tear loose, throw off, turn out, unhorse, unhouse, unkennel, unknot, unplace, unravel, unsaddle, unseat, unsnarl, untangle, uproot
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